August 3, 2003
To: Comer School Development Program
From: Maura  Larkins                

by FAX only to: 203 737 1023

Three years ago I wrote several E-mails to Beverly Crowther asking for help.
My school had paid between ten and twenty thousand dollars to Comer SDP,
but the Comer process was abused at my school, and a culture of hostility
toward those outside the ruling clique increased in intensity after the
implementation of the Comer process.  Democracy was eliminated when
voting was eliminated.  “Consensus” meant that teachers were pressured to
silently accept what the ruling clique wanted.  Many teachers were fired or
forced to leave the school.

Beverly Crowther failed to give any help.  She said we had to work things out
ourselves.  Things went from bad to worse.  After two years, the teachers
voted to eliminate the Comer Program, but not before so much damage was
done that there is a serious lawsuit pending.

The media here has not become aware of this situation, however, if Comer
SDP is at all interested in learning about how the misuse of the Comer
program wreaked enormous harm in one school, you may call or fax me at
619 660 6955.  It occurs to me that you might want to prevent such
outcomes in the future.  
James Comer Program at Yale
One child at a time?
Or is it rather no children at any time were the focus when the Comer
process was adopted at Castle Park Elementary?
At Loma Verde Elementary in CVESD, union leader
Jim Groth and his sidekick Donna Padilla took
control of the school using the Comer program.

Shortly afterward, the principal was fired by Libia Gil,
perhaps for allowing the Comer program to slip out
of the control of the top-down machinery that Libia
Gil constructed at CVESD.  

Ironically, Gil's methods included little
communication with schools.  The principal was
simply expected to stay in control.
OAH documents on
page 22
The Castle Park Elementary fiasco was partly a result of the way
the James Comer Program was implemented.  The Comer process
lends itself readily to those who wish to abuse it.
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August 30, 2003

Dr. Ann L.
Comer School Development Program

by FAX only to: 203 737 1023

Dear Dr. L.:

I’m writing to thank you for calling me recently.  

As I told you on the phone, the school about which I wrote in the summer of
2000 is Castle Park Elementary School, and the district I am suing is Chula
Vista Elementary School District.

I’m not asking you to do anything; I only wanted to give you a heads up in
case you wanted to investigate the abuses caused by the implementation of
the Comer Process at Castle Park.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether
you want to take any action regarding this matter.  Please feel free to write
or call if you need any help from me.  

Yours truly,

Maura Larkins
Phone and fax: 619 660 6955