Address                                                        Features
3050 Nw 183rd St                                    Full-time Teachers NOT REPORTED
Miami Gardens, FL 33056                       Library or Media Center: No
305-624-1144                                         Year Round Classes: No
                                                        Total Dollar Expenditures: N/A
                                                        Discretionary Dollars/Pupil:   N/A

Students                                                 Technology
Total: 329                                               Tech Measure: Not Reported
Gradespan: 10 - 12                                Instructional Computers: null
                                                       Internet Access: No

There are no test scores available for this school.
Siatech Charter High School
Miami - Dade County Public School District
SIATech test scores don't correlate with staff salaries

The salaries of SIATech Charter School staff in San Diego have skyrocketed,
unlike student test scores. A reader sent me the 2006 990 IRS forms for SIATch,
which lists wages. The salaries for SIATech Board of Directors and employees:

LINDA DOWSON President of the Board of Directors and Operations
Manager $ 220,461.

ED BROWN Director and Operations Manager $ 124,878.

LINDA MILLER Director of Educational Services $172,860.

DAVID JENKINS Assistant Supervisor $ 169,81.

KRISTIN MALLORY Assistant Supervisor $ 168, 896.

DIANE FAIRCHILD Director of Special Education $ 161,348

MANOUCHEHR HADJIAGHAI Director of Administrative Services $ 160, 210.

SIAtech scores went down 45 points from 2007 to 2008. Of course, the children
tested in one year are not the same group of children that are tested the next
year. Some kids graduate, others move away and new kids take their places.

SIATech tested 135 students. SIATech is 100% funded by the United States
Department of Labor (Job Corps), and is not regulated. SIAtech operates the
education for about seven Job Corps in California.

SIATech student composition is: African American--15 students; Hispanic: 39
students; White--4 students; English Language Learners 3 students;
socioecomomically disadvantaged--67 students; American Indian or Alaska
Native--2 students; Filipino--1 student; and no students with disabilities.

Guajome Park Academy improved from 753 in 2007 to 768 in 2008. This charter
school averages 21 students per classroom and the staff is highly paid.
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