March 2003 is missing
June 2003 missing
2003 Invoices
Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz
Invoices show amounts charged to SDCOE-JPA by Stutz law firm in the
case of Maura Larkins v. Richard Werlin, et al.

March, June, October and November 2003
invoices were not produced by SDCOE.
February 2003
Click HERE for December 2003 invoice.
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2003 Pt. 1 Stutz invoices
2002 SDCOE payments
to Daniel Shinoff
San Diego County Office
of Education
2003 Pt 2 Stutz invoices
2004 Stutz invoices
Public records request to
Blog post: SDUT tries to
obtain Stutz invoices.
October and November 2003 are missing
SDCOE refused to produce
invoice for this fraudulent