Judge Anello tentative
decision disqualifying Shinoff

Judge Moon letter
(produced 10/01/07 by
Best Best & Krieger LLP)

Motion to disqualify Shinoff

Leon Page letter to Stutz
attorney Jack Sleeth

Diane Crosier

SDCOE-JPA Public records

Judy Stratton

Gloria Carranza declaration

Gloria Carranza letter re
Shinoff conflict of interest
MiraCosta Community College
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Randall Winet
Accreditation committee ACCJC tries to silence
minority trustees

These people aren't trying to protect students.  They're trying to
protect insurance companies and their lawyers, in particular, San
Diego County Office of Education-Joint Powers Authority and its
lawyers Diane Crosier and Daniel Shinoff.

Issue Date: 10/13/08
MiraCosta put on probation
By Maggie Avants

MiraCosta College is on academic probation and it has some students

MiraCosta was placed on warning status by the Accrediting Commission for
Community and Junior Colleges in January 2008. In a letter dated Jan. 31,
2008, ACCJC explained they had acted to issue a warning to the school
until they corrected deficiencies in recommended areas

MiraCosta and Palomar administrators said a warning from the state's
accreditation system will not affect the value of a student's degree.

Palomar College President Robert Deegan said the situation at MiraCosta
is not something that students should worry about...
"They were placed on a warning status," Deegan said of MiraCosta. "It's
very common. Out of 18 schools that recently went through site visits, only
four of them came out without a warning."

He knows of only one college, Compton College, that lost its accreditation,
and they were subsequently taken under the wing of the El Camino
Community College District.

"None of those [Compton] students ever lost any of their credits," Deegan

MiraCosta's problems began in December 2005, according to a 2007
Special Visit Evaluation Report by a four-person visiting team from ACCJC.

According to the report, the visit was prompted by 17 months of "significant
tension and turmoil" at the college due to the investigation of four college
employees who were placed on leave for allegedly selling palm trees from
the school's horticulture department for personal profit.

"We have had some turmoil on campus, and it has been covered by the
press," said Bonnie Hall, director of marketing and communication at
MiraCosta College.

The report stated that the college's administration was divided on the
handling of the investigation, which resulted in a no-confidence vote in the
college's president and board of trustees, and that campus surveys
showed that "morale was at an all time low."
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