Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College
Election 2008
The people who control the GCCCD board
apparently wanted Mary Kay Rosinski to join
them in 2008.

Mary Kay Rosinski

If they hadn't, Rosinski would not have gotten  
68% of the vote after getting only  36% of the
vote a few years earlier.

Rosinski got almost half her votes from
people who voted against her last time.  What
changed?  Not Rosinski.  She's a proud union

Why did these people turn against Tim
Caruthers?  Apparently because he was
objecting to bad behavior by Chancellor
Omero Suarez and the board's failure to react
appropriately to that bad behavior.  The word
went out that he was toast.

I'm wondering if CTA has made another of its
"deals with the devil" and has made it clear
that it will be happy to work in tandem with
corrupt GCCCD lawyers in return for a place
on the board.  Tim Caruthers, the board
member unseated by Rosinski, objected to
unethical behavior by the college.  I suspect
that Rosinski will keep her mouth
shut--except when CTA wants to use her as its
mouthpiece.  I think CTA wants to use her to
leverage control for CTA of instructors who
have gone to two other unions for support.
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Mary Kay Rosinski

NOV. 4, 2008


*  *  *

NOV. 7 2006

Deanna Weeks  41.60%

Mary Kay Rosinski  

Donald "Dr. Don"

Emad Bakeer  6.36%
Third union enters fray to
represent instructors
By Leonel Sanchez
September 2, 2006

A third labor union is vying to represent about
1,000 part-time instructors at Grossmont and
Cuyamaca community colleges, drawing the ire
of its two competitors.

The local chapter of the American Federation of
Teachers is racing to meet a Sept. 15 deadline to
qualify to appear on a ballot with the other two
unions if the state labor relations board allows part-
time instructors to form their own union.

The federation needs the signatures of 300 part-
time instructors at the two community colleges.

“For now it's a matter of democracy. If it gets on the
ballot, we'll shift gear and launch a campaign,” said
Jim Mahler, president of the AFT Guild, Local 1931.
The union aims to collect the signatures by Sept.
11, he said.

The federation has one advantage: Three hundred
part-time instructors at Grossmont and Cuyamaca
colleges also work in the San Diego Community
College District, which the union represents,
Mahler said.

The federation's intentions drew immediate fire
from the other labor unions competing to represent
the part-timers: United Faculty and the Community
College Association, which is part of the California
Teachers Association.

“AFT has initiated an open attack on United
Faculty,” union president Zoe Close said in a
memo last week after AFT began circulating fliers
among faculty.

United Faculty, an independent union that currently
represents all full-and part-time faculty at
Grossmont and Cuyamaca, is also critical of the
Community College Association for encouraging
part-time instructors to break away.

A group of part-time instructors want to form a
union that would be affiliated with the Community
College Association. Earlier this year the group
filed a petition with more than 500 signatures with
the state's Public Employment Relations Board,
seeking to hold an election.

The state board is reviewing the issue, including
arguments by United Faculty that its membership
should not be broken up.

David Milroy, a part-time instructor at Grossmont
College who is one of the leaders of the
Community College Association drive, said the
federation's late entry into the fray is hurting the
breakaway effort.

“AFT is trying to kidnap our movement,” Milroy said.
Grossmont and Cuyamaca college part-time
instructors also teach at Southwestern and
MiraCosta colleges, which are represented by the
Community College Association, he said.

In a memo to part-time instructors, Milroy and
another organizer said, “The only group that gains
by the chaos of the AFT's late participation is the
United Faculty, the current full-timer's union from
which we are trying to sever.”
Milroy said United Faculty cares more about full-
time faculty members and their issues. The union
his group is proposing would focus on raising pay
for part-time instructors and providing health
coverage similar to that of full-timers.

Close, of United Faculty, countered that the two
challengers are large unions more interested in
increasing their memberships than representing
the interests of part-time instructors, which she
said her union is doing.

“We're producing,” she said.

United Faculty recently reached a tentative
agreement with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca
Community College District that addresses part-
time issues.

Part-time instructors are to receive an 8.57 percent
pay increase retroactive to last school year and will
have access to a medical benefit plan specially
designed for them, she said. Details of the health
plan will be made available during workshops in
November, she said.

Milroy said he's skeptical of the agreement and
wants to review it. He said United Faculty is
concentrating more on part-time issues now
because of the threat of a breakaway.

“We're pleased that they are finally recognizing that
they are supposed to represent part-timers also,”
Milroy said. “In past negotiations we hardly got

Close said the union has tried to get better pay and
benefits for part-time instructors before but met
resistance from the district.
The Courier
Volume 14, Number 4
APRIL 18, 2006

"...Ben Lastimado, Vice Chancellor-
Human Resources & Labor Relations,
said the board will appeal the Public
Employees Review Board (PERB)
Administrators Association decision.

The California Teachers
Association has filed a petition on
behalf of Grossmont College
part-time faculty.

Vice Chancellor Lastimado said the
District will not take sides in this
Chancellor Omero Suarez, Trustee Deanna
Weeks, Vice Chancellor Ben Lastimado
[Blogger's note: The three people above seem to be happy that they
illegally fired student trustee Rick Walker because he talked about issues
that they preferred to ignore.  Walker's case came up twice during the April
18, 2006 meeting:

1. Trustee Garrett said he learned State Senator Christine Kehoe has
asked for a legal opinion about the ability of student trustees to hold jobs in
the District where they are a trustee and that the board should follow up."

[Blogger's note: the board did not follow up, even when the California
Attorney General said that there was no reason in law to fire anyone simply
because he held the position of student trustee.  Attorney Jack Sleeth of
Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz isn't paid to made sure the law is followed.  
He's paid to help the board get away with whatever they want to do.]

2. "...Rick Walker, GC student, commented on his legal appeal..."
United Faculty of Grossmont
Cuyamaca Community Collges

August 27 , 2007.

CTA Loses
PERB Denies CTA Petition.
PERB denies severance petition
as filed by CTA. The petition was
denied in its entirety.
The Courier
Volume 13, Number 8

Administrators Association
Representative Marie Ramos

read a statement on behalf of the
Association on an
PERB meeting, urging
Governing Board members to
“direct your representatives to
preserve the unity (of the
Association) and not divide us.”

Smith asked for assurance that
Academic Senate elections
would take place with integrity
Board President Cutting and
Trustee Garrett spoke of their
personal assurance.

Chancellor Suarez added that
there would be no compromising
the election.

[Blogger's note: Why would
anyone trust Omero Suarez?]

United Faculty President Zoe
Close made a statement on the
loss of goodwill by faculty, and
said, “I ask for only one thing this
evening. As members of the
Board, ask yourself how you can
restore trust to the District.”

Support for President Martinez
[who was fired]

...Beth Smith,
Grossmont College
Academic Senate President,
applauded the large turnout at the
fall convocation. Smith told the
Board they have heard
support from the campus
community and the community
at large for President Martinez.

Ken Sobel
, President of the
Grossmont College Foundation
Board of Directors, encouraged
the Governing Board to
the contract of Dr. Ted
Martinez, Jr

Charlotte Ochiqui, Director of
Education for the Viejas Band of
Kumeyaay Indians; Juan
Castellanos, Council of American
Indian Organizations of San Diego
County; and Darci Dye,
Grossmont College Child
Development Club, expressed
support for President Martinez.

Grossmont Counselor Mary Rider
told Board members that staff
would feel better if they did not
have to worry about

[Governing Board members and staff
congratulated Counselor
Mary Rider for
being named Grossmont College’s
Distinguished Faculty Member for 2005-

Grossmont College student
Grazyna Toranczak discussed
course enrollment problems.

Grossmont College student Crystal
Sudano expressed disappointment
that a math instructor was hired
full time elsewhere when he could
not be hired full time at Grossmont.
CTA Harassment at Southwestern College

Freedom Fighters get a vote on decertification
The Sun (Southwestern College)
By: Sean Campbell

A faction of dissident professors and instructors has claimed a first-round victory in
its effort to decertify Southwestern College's faculty union.

Professor of Business and Information Systems Frank Paiano said a group that calls
itself the Freedom Fighters has collected enough signatures from faculty to force
two votes in the fall. Paiano said the California Public Employee Relations Board
(PERB) would oversee a ballot that would give faculty the choice to dissolve the
Southwestern College Education Association (SCEA) and discontinue the "fair
share" clause that requires faculty to pay union fees.

He said five SWC professors, including SCEA President Janet Mazzarella,
confronted him in front of the 400 building while he was collecting signatures for the
decertification petition.

"They were trying to assassinate me," he said. "I call it the five minute hate. You
ever read '1984'? It really upset me. I was useless for the rest of the day. I wasn't
able to do anything else."

No complaint was filed as of press time.

Union executives denied harassing Paiano. Mazzarella said two union executives
confronted him not for soliciting signatures but because he was speaking badly
about the union's executive team.

"They can do what they want," Mazzarella said. "But now they're making it personal.
We walked up to him and said we didn't appreciate that you're insulting your

Fusako Yokotobi, vice president of SWC Human Resources, settled an earlier
squabble between the two groups over whether Freedom Fighters could solicit
professors for their signatures using faculty mail boxes or by approaching them on

In the March 28 e-mail to Paiano, she cited a California government code stating
that the Freedom Fighters have the right to solicit employees at SWC and the right
to "use institutional bulletin boards, mailboxes, and other means of communication."

"Please be advised," she said in the e-mail, "that harassment of district employees
or disruption of district activities will not be permitted at any time."

...Mazzarell compared SWC to Grossmont/Cuyamaca, one of California's 12
community college districts with independent unions. Grossmont/Cuyamaca ranked
worst on a number of important measures.

"This is one of the reasons Grossmont's part-time faculty just left the IFA
(independent union) and joined the ranks of (the CTA)," she said.

Joan Stroh, a Freedom Fighter, said Mazzarella is comparing SWC to Grossmont,
which is the only independent union that has lower faculty salaries than SWC. The
other 11 community college districts that have independent unions all have higher
salaries than SWC, she said.

"She keeps harping on Grossmont," said Stroh...