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In a better world, inadequate school administrators
and teachers would be educated in how to perform
their duties. They would be taught to understand
their obligations under the law.

Unfortunately, many public office holders, school
administrators and union leaders in California
value their personal careers
over the future careers of children.
friends and allies.  These individuals harmed students and teachers at Castle
Park Elementary School, in violation of the law, and with callous disregard
for students, parents and teachers.

With the help of the now-infamous San Diego Municipal Employees
Association  ("MEA") lawyer
Ann Smith, who advised Tim
O'Neill on how to violate labor law and get away
with it, they covered up their wrongdoing.

Those in power continue to this day to practice
rigid top-down control, and are determined
to preserve the current balance of power
at any cost to the taxpayers, students, teachers
and themselves.

Speaking of cost, in several court cases each year,
hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars
which should have gone to educating children
have been misused by San Diego County Office
of Education's lawyers to protect the guilty.

Lawyers are paid this money to prevent documents from being produced in
court cases, to prevent depositions of individuals with knowledge of
wrongdoing, and to perpetrate frauds on the court.

"Don't prepare a paper trail, and if you do, don't release it even if the court
demands it," seems to be the advice to districts of SDCOE Joint Powers
Authority lawyers.

While there are many excellent teachers and administrators in
Chula Vista Elementary School District, the fact remains that individuals who
have violated the collective bargaining agreement, the
Labor Code, the Education Code, and
other California Codes, for the purpose
of maintaining their personal power,
are still calling the shots in the district.

When will this change?

When we replace
school board members
corrupt teachers union leaders
with citizens who are not in anybody's pocket.

Maura Larkins
Former student (in the 1950's) and teacher at
Castle Park Elementary School, Chula Vista         
Why I Created this Site:
Chula Vista Elementary School
District (CVESD) in San Diego
County, California, is one of many
districts where this has happened.  
Problems at CVESD were caused by
the Big Three on the school board
(Patrick Judd, Pamela Smith, and
Larry Cunningham), and by former
administrators Libia Gil and Richard
Werlin, who  worked closely with
teachers' union (CVE)
Presidents Gina Boyd and
Groth and their personal
Because We Need To Fix Our Schools!
Let's Fix Our
by Maura Larkins
Some people in these positions have  worked
together to permit each other to violate the law
and to keep the status quo because it protects
their power.

Unfortunately, keeping the status quo prevents
improvements in education.
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