Testing is fun and useful when the teacher knows how to keep student anxiety
at a reasonable level, and to take advantage of the teachable moments
created by that anxiety.  Students pay extra attention to their teachers at
testing time.   Before the test is given, young people want to learn enough to
pass.  After the test, they are curious about the questions, so this is a perfect
time to reteach skills.  This way kids know either that they got the right answer,
or that they will get it right next time.  Testing can help, rather than harm,
instruction if it is integrated effectively into classroom activities.  I sometimes
wonder if teachers and/or parents transmit their own anxiety to students since
anxiety varies so much from classroom to classroom.
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The California Teachers Association is hurting our students, teachers and
schools. Its failed one-size-fits-all approach to education ignores the huge
differences between teachers. Parents and teachers know all teachers do not
learn in the same way or at the same pace. Some of them are far, far behind
in intelligence, education, and understanding of how kids learn. They should
not have full responsibility for any classroom. Pay the good teachers double
or triple what they're getting now, and put them in charge of several
classrooms. Each master teacher should be deeply involved in several
classrooms, guiding several beginning or slow-to-learn teachers.
Pay the good teachers double or
triple what they're getting now