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Missing Bate-stamped
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Test Your Understanding of How SDCOE-JPA Lawyers

Question:  Did SDCOE JPA lawyers ever turn over the
missing "Bate-stamped" pages to Maura Larkins?

Answer:  Never.
Missing Documents
For a clearer view of this letter,
download original file:
Click here for Bate-stamped
documents that were produced.
Stutz Documents
The documents described in detail below have
been hidden by Daniel Shinoff for four years,
since originally requested in 2003.  Stutz law
firm failed to bring these documents to its
deposition on November 8, 2007.
Note to Reader:
A "Bate-stamped" document is one that
has been stamped with a page number by a
lawyer who is collecting evidence for a case.
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