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VUSD v. BJ Freeman
Vista Unified School District hired psychologist B.J.
Freeman as a consultant.  It was Dr. Freeman's
professional opinion that the school had an
obligation to provide services to a student, but
JOHN HANNAMAN, Director of Special Education
Services for VUSD, did not want to pay for the
required services.

Vista Unifed then sued Dr. Freeman because she
wouldn't testify as VUSD wished her to.  
Vista Unified School District v.
B.J. Freeman

When VUSD couldn't get Dr. Freeman to testify as VUSD
wished, the school district sued her.
What does VUSD do when a doctor says a child needs special
education, but the district doesn't want to provide it?

They sued her.  In this case, the doctor refused to change her
finding, and she prevailed.

VUSD sued for breach of contract because she refused to testify under oath as the district wished.

In fact, Freeman was perfectly willing to testify.  She simply wanted to tell the truth as she saw it.  
The district wanted Freeman to say that a student whom she had tested did
NOT need services.
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VUSD v. BJ Freeman
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"...Dr. Freeman
was to support
the school
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The denial below was filed on
"...Dr. Freeman was to support the school in following her

From VUSD's August 2004 Case Management Statement
Education Reform Report