December 4, 20001
To: CVE Board of Directors
From: Maura Larkins

Since it looks like I will be taking CVE to court within a matter of days, I
think it's only appropriate that you, as a member of the board of
directors, know what has been going on.

Why did no one at the Board of Directors meeting on August 6 demand
arbitration of my grievance?  Wasn't the July 18 letter from Tim O'Neill
enough to prove that arbitration was necessary?  Surely Gina shared that
letter with the Board as I asked her to do?  If not, her failure to do so
might be explained by the fact that she supported the teachers who
caused me to be taken out of my classroom last February 12.  (They
called Rick Werlin on a Saturday night and claimed they feared I might
kill them.  One of them is a close personal friend of Gina's at Castle Park
School.  When did CVE change its policy to authorize CVE to aid in the
destruction of a teacher's career, reputation and livelihood?

Please review my file at CVE.  I authorize CVE to give you copies of
every piece of paper in my file to take home and study.  If Tim and Gina
won't co-operate, please contact me personally (phone and fax: 619 660
6955) and I will supply you will all necessary information.  I hope you will
read all five of the grievances I filed on my own behalf, as well as the
grievance CVE filed on my behalf.

I am enclosing in this fax a few items of salient importance:

1) The July 18, 2001 letter from Tim O'Neill to Libby which I asked Gina
to share on August 6;

2) Libby's response to that letter;

3) August 2 letter to Carolyn Doggett;

4) August 2 letter to Gina;

5) August 3 letter to Gina

6) My August 6 letter to Gina;

7) My December 3 letter to Wayne Johnson.

Thanks in advance for your anticipated interest.

(signed) Maura Larkins
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