relying on the
knowledge that the
California Court of
Appeal regularly
overturns jury
verdicts against
school districts,
preferring to
disregard the law
and the judgment of
citizens in favor of
school districts.
Angell obtained a secret change from October 28 to October 25 in an
effort to prevent a fair and just outcome--choosing the exact date when
Larkins was unavailable, after Larkins had agreed to her suggested date.
Kelly Angell first
got the order at
right, for October
28, 2004 then
got it changed
because Maura
Larkins was
available. (Yes,
available.  Angell
wanted to get a
date on which
she knew
Larkins was
She did this by  
making Larkins
believe that
issue was
resolved, since
Larkins agreed
to the October
28th date.
Original order
re deposition made at Stutz' request
Maura Larkins agreed to one of
the dates demanded
Stutz' goal was to
subvert justice
secrecy, and
blatant abuse of
the court, relying
on the court's
preference for
clumsy, dishonest
lawyers over
honest in pro per

How else was
Stutz able to
obtain so many
orders?  To
successfully use
its own abuse of
discovery as a
way to get its
opponents' case
thrown out?
In oral
arguments, my
claims were
proved true, and
Kelly Angell's
were proved
false.  She was
so angry I almost
expected smoke
to start rising
from the top of
her head.find
oral arguments
It seems unlikely that
Stutz would win many
cases if it didn't
practice intimidation
and dishonesty.  It is
hired because it
engages in dishonest
practices.  As
Superintendent Terry
Ryan said on
December 21, 2006
at the Grossmont
Union High School
Board Meeting, "If I'm
going to pick a race
horse I want one that
wins all the time."  

The fact that the
district wins because
the jockey on its
"race horse" acts like
Tanya Harding,
breaking the legs of
opponents with better
claims, doesn't
bother Terry Ryan,
or, apparently, the
GUHSD board.
Kelly Angell denied that she received the above fax, and demanded that
Larkins show proof of faxing.  Larkins produces the fax transmission
report below.
Stutz Documents
Elizabeth Schulman's lawyer Matthew C. Smith of Klinedinst engaged in similar
behavior to that of Stutz, suddenly claiming he had been planning for a long time to go
on a trip--he just never mentioned it.  He prevented Maura Larkins from taking her
deposition at a manageable time, wanting to make it impossible for her to attend two
depositions at once, and thereby getting her lawsuit thrown out.  Shame on Judge Styn
for pretending that Schulman and Smith weren't abusing the rules of discovery and the
rules of professional conduct.  Judge Styn clearly wanted to get rid of an in pro per
plaintiff, even though he had to fly in the face of reason and fact to do so.
Letter to Jeffery Morris Oct. 27, 2004
Jeffery Morris and Kelly Angell wouldn't agree to a date for a
deposition, apparently for fear that it might actually be convenient.  
But, along with Bernard Rohrbacher and Michael Hersh of CTA, and
Deborah Garvin, they found another way to make a deposition
impossible: verbal abuse, preventing the deponent, who was
representing herself, to speak as counsel, in addition to speaking
as deponent.
For Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz,
junior high-style trickery takes the
place of the practice of law

Trick regarding deposition date
After agreeing to deposition date and thus making ex parte hearing
unnecessary, Kelly Angell AKA Minnehan of Stutz went to an ex
parte hearing (after making Larkins believe it was canceled) and
got Larkins' deposition date changed to a date on which Angell
knew that Larkins would be unable to attend
Ironic quote from Kelly Angell during November 29, 2004 deposition of Peggie Myers:

Page 135 lines 4-6
"...I think it's obvious that you're using this deposition process to harass this witness.  This
witness has stated her unavailability, has given you a reason for it."
Ray Artiano deposition pg 1-29
Artiano deposition pg 30-39
Artiano deposition pg 40-58
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